Who We Are

Neurotherapeutic Pediatric Therapies, Inc. (Neuro) first opened in Oregon City in 1985 by Occupational Therapist Linda Butrey and in 1997, Neuro was purchased by Karen and Brent Brelje.  At this time, occupational and physical therapy services were limited and many clinics in the Portland area were either run by medical professionals who were not family centered and often weren’t interested in trying cutting-edge therapies or family friendly clinics run by parents but without the depth of staff or therapy modalities for complex needs.  As parents of 3 adopted children with disabilities and complex needs, Karen and Brent brought a unique passion and vision to provide the best of both approaches while also providing opportunities to children, adolescents, and families who are most in need.

Over the years, Neuro has wrestled with the issue of providing accessible and affordable treatment to uninsured and under-insured children and adolescents.  With that in mind, the business was donated and restructured as a nonprofit therapy clinic in 2007. This allowed for the creative development of programs to support children, their families, schools, and other organizations. Through our generous supporters, we are able to think creatively and deliver therapy using the most effective models – reaching children and families living in crisis, who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to receive therapeutic services.

Serving Our Community

We have now been serving the community for over 35 years and our services include pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health therapy, and naturopathic care. We combine the latest, most effective treatment and techniques to address the unique needs of each individual we serve.  Our programs serve the whole person, not just one aspect of their development.

Continuing to Grow

We have grown to include 8 clinics throughout the state of Oregon. Seven clinics are located in the Portland metro area (Oregon City, Northeast Portland, Hillsboro, McMinnville, Wilsonville, Canby ,and Clackamas).  One in Medford with our partner, Medford Children’s Therapy.  Together these clinics provide more than 800 client visits each week.

Our Mission

We work to positively impact kids, families, and our community by providing comprehensive therapy services in an innovative and collaborative environment, with an unwavering commitment to the removal of financial barriers for all.

Core Values of Neuro

  • WE ARE FAMILY CENTERED, not just in words but in practice. We believe no one exists in isolation and we seek to provide services and create an atmosphere that honors connections with each other and the outside world.

  • WE DARE TO DREAM. We believe the seemingly impossible just might be possible. We inspire hope and continually look for creative ways to help our clients realize their dreams.

  • WE ARE COMMITTED TO EQUITY AND INCLUSION. We recognize each individual requires different conditions to thrive, and provide an environment which affirms the dignity, worth, and belonging of all.

  • WE OVERCOME OBSTACLES. We recognize the convoluted nature of healthcare, and support families in understanding and accessing the care they need. Through scholarships, sliding scale fee schedules, and resource connection, we assist families in overcoming financial barriers to care.

  • WE ARE COMPASSIONATE. We continually seek to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths, joys, and difficulties experienced by others, and meet these shared human experiences with kindness and respect.

  • WE VALUE THE EXPERIENCE and continued professional development of all employees to provide the most effective treatment for each family.

  • WE INVEST IN OUR TEAM. We foster employment practices that honor the unique needs and celebrate the diverse passions of our staff, and support the professional development of our team to effectively meet the complex and evolving needs of our clients and families.

  • WE VALUE HONESTY, INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND TRANSPARENCY in all interactions with our families, each other, and the community.