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Fellowship Program

Take your career to the next level!

Join Neuro’s fellowship program to enhance your knowledge and understanding of occupational therapy in pediatrics.

Program Features

The fellowship will build on foundational skills learned during your occupational therapy education and develop advanced practices to support the needs of children and families. You will enhance your learning through mentorship with our experienced and knowledgeable multidisciplinary team. Fellows will be able to delve deeper into a focused area of interest by exploring current literature, assessments and treatment strategies.

Fellows will utilize advanced practice skills learned to gain autonomy and confidence in implementing individualized assessments and treatments. You will critically analyze and develop skills to address the effectiveness and implementation of methods learned.

Through sharing valuable resources and information, we are able to educate and support those we serve in our community and contribute to the advancement of our profession. Educating others will help solidify learned knowledge, gain expertise in an area of clinical focus, and build self-confidence as an occupational therapy practitioner.

Thank you Program Sponsors!
M.J Murdock Charitable Trust
The Collins Foundation
Juan Young Trust
Clark Foundation: Caring for our community since 19068

This fellowship is a two-year commitment. The first 12-months Neuro will provide focused learning opportunities. The subsequent year, you will benefit from routine mentorship time and support to continue to develop as a professional occupational therapist.

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Email [email protected] to inquire about applying.

Curriculum Outline

Curriculum outlined below will consist of direct instruction, guided learning, observation, mentorship, and self-study. Specific learning objectives will be determined by the individual needs and learning style of the fellow.