Nature Based Therapy Services from Neuro Therapeutic Pediatric Therapies, Inc.

Nature-Based Therapy

There are so many known mental health benefits connected to building our relationship with Nature. At Neuro, we are trained to ethically amplify these benefits in the treatment process by collaborating with Nature.

Treatment is tailored to you and may include your favorite things about being outside like listening to birds, looking at plants, and being near water. You may even be able to feed ducks in a session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nature Based Therapy is collaborating with Nature as a co-therapist to help in the treatment process. We all have a pre-existing relationship with Nature, and for some clients, including Nature as a part of the therapy process can help to promote things like mindfulness, regulation, perspective, and grounding.

Nature Based Therapy can occur in any setting, whether doing sessions in office, virtually, or outside. That being said, doing sessions outside can help amplify the benefits of collaborating with Nature.
At minimum, it takes about 4-6 sessions from intake before we take clients outside. At Neuro, we do not take clients outside right away as we want to ensure going outside is done in an ethical and trauma-informed way that will support the client’s hopes for the treatment. In order to prepare for outside sessions, the client will first be meeting with the therapist, either in the office or virtually, to discuss a client-specific plan for starting outside sessions.

We offer meeting at local parks, or we can also adapt to meeting right outside the office.

All therapists who offer Nature Based Therapy have completed the 18-hour Nature Based Therapy Certification training through Grow With Nature Consulting. Nature Based Therapists are also expected to follow all standardized policies and procedures created by Neuro’s Nature Based Program Lead, which includes supervision check-ins.

We are immensely grateful for the generous support provided by the Spirit Mountain Community Fund and The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Community of Oregon.

Their funding has played a pivotal role in advancing our Nature Based Therapy work, and we are deeply honored by their commitment to our cause.